What's BirdLasser all about?
BirdLasser is fun for birders and good for birds. For both beginners and twitchers, BirdLasser is a fun way to record your sightings and share with friends, your community and contribute to conservation.
Plot your sightings with GPS precision
Instantly update your lifelist and share it with friends
Social conservation
Easily share your sightings with conservation bodies to give a better picture of what’s happening to our bird and wild life

Log your sightings

Date/time stamped and geo-referenced data points for each observation

View data

View your observations in map view or list view


View your species lifelist


Share your observations with friends via social media, messages, emails and more


BirdLasser supports the SABAP2 / BirdMAP protocol, more coming soon

BirdLasser Play

Have fun and compete against others with BirdLasser events and challenges.
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BirdLasser is available for all devices running Android 4.0.4 and higher
Download from the App Store
BirdLasser is available for devices running iOS 8 and higher
BirdLasser Play
Take part in BirdLasser challenges and events, see how you stack up against other birders or host an event between friends or colleagues.


Challenges are open to all BirdLasser users. A simple and fun way to see your unique sightings for an area and compare to other BirdLasser users in the same challenge.


Events are private challenges. An easy way to host a corporate challenge and see who can see the most species.
Want to play your part in conservation?
BirdLasser makes it easy to share your observations with the relevant cause authorities – giving them a better understanding of our birds, their habitat changes and the effect on their wellbeing. On the flip side, if you believe our users’ observation data can help your cause, contact us and let’s see if we can get your cause to benefit as well.


Interested in contributing to causes or getting your cause in BirdLasser?

Causes on BirdLasser

BirdLasser already has many causes for users to contribute to


SABAP2 / BirdMAP is the most important bird conservation project in the region, because all other conservation initiatives depend on the results of the bird atlas, to a greater or lesser extent.

Birding Big Day 2022

BirdLife South Africa's 38th BBD will take place on the 3rd of December 2022. If you are keen to intensely explore your neck of the woods to make every species count, this is your opportunity to become part of South Africa's biggest birding event. To register go here. To track all the teams' progress on the day, visit the live event here.
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