• Spot. Plot. Play a Part

    Capture bird sightings painlessly with GPS precision.

  • Spot. Plot. Play a Part

    View and manage trip cards electronically and backup your lifelist to cloud.

  • Spot. Plot. Play a Part

    Share your sightings with friends and seamlessly contribute to conservation causes.

Record your sightings

BirdLasser makes it easy and convenient to log, manage and share your sightings.

Supporting your cause

We support conservation. Contact us to hear how we can support your cause.

Rapidly capture sightings

We endeavour to make it as quick and simple as possible to log your sightings. Whether in your garden, the Kruger Park or on the open seas, we will seamlessly tag your sightings with date, time and location

Share with the community

Share that special sighting with your fellow birders in real-time via email, Facebook or Twitter, or post a trip report. Your passion for birds and birding has the additional benefit to contribute to a greater good. BirdLasser makes it possible for you to share your sighting details with conservationists and academia such as the Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2.

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What is it all about?

BirdLasser is fun for Birders and good for birds. For both beginners and twitchers, BirdLasser is a fun way to record your sightings and share with friends, your community and contribute to conservation.

Plot your sightings with GPS precision, instantly update your lifelist and share it with friends. At the same time give SABAP2, Southern Africa’s bird-atlas authority, a better picture of what’s happening to our bird and wild life. We call it social conservation! So, while you have fun spotting and plotting birds you automatically play a part in helping the thing you love. Double win!

News and Events

  • Version 1.0 available. Now you can log your observations anywhere in africa.
  • Birding Big Day 2016 - South African record smashed BBD2016
  • Jennifer talks birding, BirdLasser and tech startups

Our team

We're a group of six driven to make a difference.

  • The birder

    Henk Nel is an avid birder and atlasser with a keen interest in technology - BirdLasser is his vision of marrying his passion and interest to benefit birders and birds.

  • The hackers

    Jacques de Vos and Martin Cronje are passionate software engineers that love creating beautiful products. When let of their cages, they explore our beautiful country by mountain bike or 4x4. Sean Gainsford loves writing code in any language, when his fingers aren't glued to the keyboard or coffee mug he is playing bass guitar or riding his motorbike. Cornelis Kruger is a software engineer that loves creating good quality software. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

  • The bean counter

    Will Harris loves building things and derives abnormal pleasure from seeing innovative technology do the work and teammates excelling. When not working he enjoys good times with mates, running, canoeing and flashpacking in developing countries with a Kindle.


"…the apps make birding with a purpose so easy. I started using Birdlasser a few months ago, and already have over 200 species on the overall list, as well as a good mix of full and ad-hoc cards, plus a few incidental records. The ease of logging and submitting is wonderful."
Peter Sharland
"Your app is absolutely brilliant!"
Christo Jordaan
"I LOVE BirdLasser…"
Judy Ryder
"BirdLasser has revolutionised bird atlassing"
John Wesson
"I recently started using BirdLasser as a listing App after witnessing its ease of use in the field. The App has an extremely user-friendly interface. And the greatest added benefit for atlassers is the automated uploading of sightings to SABAP2. BirdLasser has rekindled my joy of listing, thanks for a great App!"
Tobie Muller
"Hi I have downloaded your app onto my iPad. It has been wonderful to use. Very quick and easy. I did the first Sabap and now the second. I have had endless problems submitting my data with Sabap 2 and finally it seems as though there is a break through!"
Lee Howe
"Well, I thought it relevant to give ... a round of applause! Well done. The more I use it, the more I love it. You have done well."
Renier Balt