Legacy data import
BirdLasser offers a paid-for service to have your legacy data imported into your profile. All we need is a spreadsheet (CSV) with:
  • Species English name (and/or ADU ID)
  • Date recorded (add the time if you have it)
  • Co-ordinates
  • A name for the trip card you want to add this record to
Once we’ve imported the data, we will sync it to your device and you will have all your data available in the palm of your hand.
Please have a look at the documentation below for more information and pricing.
  1. Start with BirdLasser – Data Import – template guide.pdf
  2. Here’s our official species names database BirdLasser – Species Database for Southern Africa – Oct 2015.xls
  3. Use this document to create your species database BirdLasser – Data Import – template.csv
  4. Pricing BirdLasser – Data Import – Pricing 2015.pdf