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What is a challenge?
Challenges are preconfigured competitions. Contestants see who can record the most species for a specific geographical area, typically in a calendar year. Any registered BirdLasser user can take part in a challenge.
How do I join a challenge?
Go to BirdLasser Play and select the challenge you which to join by clicking on the JOIN button. You will be prompted to log in – use the same credentials you use for the app. Your observations will now automatically start counting towards the challenge.
What is an event?
Events are similar to challenges, with the exception that they are 'owned' and administrated by BirdLasser users, and not BirdLasser staff. Users typically request an event, specifying the event name, geographical area and time period applicable to their competition (email to BirdLasser support). A nominated user is then made administrator of the event, giving him/her the ability to add and delete contestants, i.e. users can’t just join any event as they do with challenges. The aim of events is for communities (bird clubs, schools, etc.) to hold private competitions to see who records the most species. These records are then used to create bird lists for the geographical area at play, e.g. housing estate, nature reserve or school grounds.

Want your own event? Send us an email at
Joining an event
To join an event in BirdLasser, send an email to the event owner and ask them to add you, once they have added you your observations will automatically start counting towards the event.