Species logging tips
Manually choosing a species location on map view
  • Open the trip card
  • Go to Map View
  • Scroll and zoom in/out to the area on the map where the observation took place
  • Tap and hold(i.e. press down with one finger) on the map at the location you wish to log the species
  • Tap the New observation pop-up
  • Select the species and amend the date, time and any other applicable fields
  • Tap the check/passmark to save
Manually moving species location
  • Tap on the species to edit it
  • There are two ways to move the species:
      Manually edit the coordinates
      Tap and hold on the map, then tap Move observation
  • Tap the check/passmark to save
Duplicating a species
This is useful if you remember seeing another species close by but forgot to log it.
  • Tap the menu icon next to the species you wish to duplicate
  • Tap Duplicate observation
  • This will create a copy of the species with the same date/time and coordinates
  • Tap on the duplicated species to edit